Suncoast Systems, Inc. Suncoast Systems, Inc. is a technology-based electronics firm in business since the 1970's.  As a leading manufacturer of industry-specific products, our goal is to provide the best products using today's technology.

Monitor D.O. (dissolved oxygen), control aerators and report status of fish pond aeration to home, office, or cell phone. Oscar is a complete pond monitoring and power management system with everything you need to control your catfish ponds from your home or office.
Synthia is an instrument player, assuring you of good music in your services, even when a musician is not available. Synthia™ is a small, versatile "church music player" designed to help churches and ministries struggling to find someone to play quality worship music.


Computerfone can make or receive calls on a phone line, record and play speech, sense or control external devices, decode DTMF and SIT tones, monitor system status...

Computerfone  is a standalone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit, watchdog timer, Computer Operating Properly (COP) monitor, DTMF tone decoder, Call Progress Monitor, Caller ID reader, phone audio interface...and more.  Works with any computer RS-232 port.
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